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Chapter Spotlight: St. Mesrob Armenian Church, Racine, WI

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 On Saturday, September 10, about a dozen youth "descended on" one of our older parishioners homes. Usually, we go with a smaller group to make visits and take choreg and cheer. This time, we were on a "mission." The insurance company of this elder was going to cancel his home insurance unless certain things were taken care of. The garage had to be fixed, trees and vines had to come away from the home and a few other repairs were needed. Six of our ACYOA seniors transformed the garage into the way it had looked decades ago. The ACYOA juniors with their adult advisors worked on the greenery and hauled away truck loads of branches and vines. Other small repairs were also done.

But the real beauty of the day was that the youth took turns going into the home, sitting and talking with our elderly parishioner. He is still glowing about what happened that day. He said, "Der Hayr, I wake up in the middle of the night and just stare at it. Thank the kids for me again."

Submitted by Der Yeprem Kelegian, Pastor, St. Mesrob Church, Racine,WI