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A Reflection From Der Yeprem: Kudzu and Speeding Tickets

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This month, we invite you to take time and read a reflection from Der Yeprem Kelegian, pastor of St. Mesrob Church of Racine, WI, on politics, loyalty and respect. You can watch a video version of this reflection on YouTube. You can also subscribe to his reflections on Facebook and his YouTube channel. 

With the November elections approaching, we can get a little crazy about politics.

But let’s remember that whoever is elected to govern, we are bound to pray for them and respect their authority. I was reminded of this recently when I was pulled over for speeding. The Officer asked me if I knew what was said in Second Corinthians 13. Luckily, I knew it was about obeying and respecting civil authorities.

At the same time, we are to be apolitical.
• Our only job and loyalty is to serve and love the Lord.
• We are to witness to the Lord’s love and mercy.
• We are to work to transform ourselves and the world in which we live to a more godly society.
• We are to be a source of light and wisdom to all those around us.
• We are to be something like kudzu. You know what that is. It’s that terribly invasive vine which takes over everything in its path. We must be kudzu and simply “smother” our nation in God’s love and mercy through our actions.

Then, what is written on our dollar bill will be true, “Annuit Coeptis,” God has approved our endeavor.

So, today, in this election season, let’s
• Listen to the traffic cop
• Be the kudzu of God’s love….and we will be a nation and a people approved by God.