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How to show thanks

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Talene Kachigian, a Nutrition Major, shares her thoughts on "How to Show Thanks" this Holiday Season.

How to show thanks

Your hands are freezing as you take them out of your pocket to ring the doorbell. No one answers. As you open the door, the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg surrounds you. You were so excited to see everyone. Last year’s Thanksgiving party was a hit. The cold air is pushed behind you as you close the door and walk inside. The fire is blazing but the crackling of the wood is drowned out by the sound of people chatting. You walk into the kitchen and you are surprised to see so many people cramped into a small area. Everyone greets you with a smile and kisses all around. You can’t seem to understand why no one is enjoying the fire. You push your way through the crowd as you make your way back to the living room to see if you missed anyone you should have said hello to. There is no one there. Is everyone seriously in the kitchen? You make your way back to the mosh pit, and low and behold you found your answer. The food table. There are dishes and bowls and plates galore. Everything looks amazing and you feel like if you don’t eat it now, it will be eternity till next season. Plus, all of the time and effort that went into this feast; it would be wrong not to stock up. Is this how we show God thanks?

How do you give thanks? Well, when Jesus prayed to the Lord, he gave thanks before he ate. So is that it? Say thanks before you gobble gobble? There is much more to be thankful for. Think of your body like a brand new car that God gave you. In the manual it says to use unleaded gas. If you use leaded gas, it will clog the engine and hurt the car. But, you decide it’s easier to keep using the leaded gas. So, overtime you mistreat your car and it’s not well maintained. And sooner or later your car breaks down and you are going to need to call a AAA miracle. This is how God views our body. Our body has a “manual” that shows us what to eat and how to take care of our bodies. But instead, we find it easier to follow a different path and fail to maintain what God gave us. Maintaining your car means getting an inspection, oil change, and purchasing the correct gas. Maintaining our body means going to the doctor for check ups, exercising, and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Living a healthy lifestyle and preserving your body/new car is a great way to give thanks to the Lord.

So you are faced with a challenge. Everyone’s plates are piled high with sweets, cakes and much more. How can you give thanks? Giving thanks to the Lord doesn’t mean you can’t eat the chocolate pecan pie that you have been eying. It just means moderation. Translation: Take a small piece rather than ½ of the pie. Check out all of your options before you start to eat. Then you can decide what to splurge and what to skip. Leave room on your plate for fresh fruits and vegetables. And just because they are served with dip, doesn’t mean that you have to dunk every bite. Socialize away from the buffet table in order to prevent mindless grazing. And most of all be mindful of what you eat. Healthy eating is a great way to show thanks to the Lord.